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Companies are coming under increasing pressure from investors, customers and lenders to consider the impact of climate change on their businesses and align their climate disclosures with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

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Helps you organize your climate-related information and address key gaps in business process & strategy.

Our Solution

The Manifest Climate platform provides the tools, information and support that organizations need to put climate at the centre of the organizational framework, empowering them to demonstrate that they are managing climate risks and taking advantage of opportunities presented by the transition to a low-carbon, more resilient economy.

It combines the efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of software with regular access to a dedicated climate strategist and access to higher-touch services, including custom reporting and custom training workshops. 


Educate your team and activate employee engagement around setting and achieving climate goals.


Identify where climate can impact your business - financially, strategically, and operationally - and guide you through scenarios that are tailored specifically for you.

We empower organizations to put climate at the heart of the organizational framework, bringing greater transparency to the impact of climate on business and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Determine your organization’s climate readiness. Powered by proprietary methodology and advanced AI technology, the Assess Module helps companies understand how aligned their businesses and disclosures are to TCFD recommendations, how to improve their disclosures and what to prioritize. 


Stay informed about key climate news and trends. Our Insight Module makes it easy to stay on top of the global climate news landscape. Curated and industry-specific reporting track key trends, including climate reporting, initiatives, commitments, targets and regulation and policy.


Build climate competence across your organization. Our educational materials help employees make sense of the climate landscape and achieve the company’s climate goals. Courses cover TCFD best practices, climate governance and climate news and trends.  Advanced courses cover climate law and policy, scenario analysis, life cycle assessments and industry-specific climate resilience training.

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