Muchen Dai

Muchen Dai

Software Development

Muchen is an engineering leader in the software industry with experience in both start-ups and large enterprises. At Manifest, Muchen leads a team of passionate software engineers working to bring to life the world's best climate change platform.

Muchen has worked in software architect roles in the IT industry for over 8 years-he's experienced in Azure and AWS technologies and has held pivotal positions at AMD and Prompt Alert (acquired by Stericycle). At Stericycle, he led large-scale projects including the design and maintenance of a high-volume patient communication platform, a mass cross-organization IT infrastructure integration and migration, and a platform-wide software advancement with IVR and serverless technologies. Muchen is a firm believer that the success of a project is based not only on excellent software delivery but on the growth of the team behind it-one that is able to take on larger challenges, together.

Born in China, raised in Czech Republic and now settled in Canada, Muchen views the world through a lens of diversity and has an appreciation of different cultures and languages. Muchen is also passionate about education. He often teaches at his parent's international school to better educate future generations on new methodologies that combine the best of east and west practices.

Muchen also enjoys working on his own software projects. Currently, he's building a decentralized, identity-free communication platform that allows people to talk to each other no matter their language as well as a community-driven website that helps users easily input and visualize data tied to their personal interests. When taking a break from the digital world, he enjoys competitive board gaming and photography.

Muchen has a computer engineering degree from the University of Toronto.