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Shashanka Suresh

Climate Solutions

Shashanka works at the intersection of green infrastructure, greenhouse gas quantification and accounting, and resiliency strategy. With an educational background in Chemical Engineering, specializing in sustainable development and technologies, Shashanka brings over 5 years of experience working in the environmental sustainability field.

Before joining Manifest, Shashanka worked as an ESG Analyst at SG Analytics in Pune, India where he researched and analyzed the ESG performance of companies across global markets and sectors. He also worked as a Sustainability Analyst at Smarter Dharma in Bangalore, India, heading up the Carbon Management group. In this role, he helped clients across construction, manufacturing and hospitality sectors achieve low-carbon growth. While at Smarter Dharma, he was involved in completing energy audits as well as water stewardship and waste management projects. He also worked as an Environmental Research Engineer at Fluidyn Consultancy in Bangalore, carrying out environmental impact assessments and risk assessment studies for process and petrochemical industrial clients.

Shashanka holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) degree from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore and a Master of Science degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester. During the course of his postgraduate study at the University of Manchester, he specialized in environmental sustainability and submitted a dissertation proposing a novel approach to air quality modeling in central Manchester.