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Tyrone Hall


Tyrone Hall is a climate change specialist with over a decade of in-country research, intergovernmental and industry experience across the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, India and the Pacific region.

Tyrone has an exceptional record of harnessing diverse institutional voices, directly strengthening and boosting outcomes aligned with core priorities: from social enterprises and regional institutions to global partnerships at the forefront of multilateral processes.

His climate policy and communication competence is grounded in award-winning doctoral research. He earned both Vanier and Ontario Trillium Awards, the two most prestigious in Canada, for his doctoral work.

Tyrone earned a doctorate in Communication with a specialization in sustainability policy and politics from York University. His research examined campaign and negotiation processes in relation to the landmark Paris Agreement on Climate Change, alongside communication processes in 17 indigenous and traditional villages across Belize, Fiji and India.

He earned a Masters in International Development from Clark University in Massachusetts. His graduate research focused on analyzing and communicating the value of Environmental Impact Assessments for hotel developers, communities and policy-makers.

He's passionate about and previously taught advanced level university courses on climate and food politics, and supported the deployment of tech for rural economic development in Africa and Latin America.