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Manifest Climate Recognized as a 2022 Best Workplace™ for Women on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day! Manifest Climate is proud to celebrate women’s invaluable contributions as we continue to create a supportive environment for women to work and thrive. We’re pleased to be recognized as a 2022 Best Workplace™ for Women. 

As a women-led company working to promote climate transparency and improved economic prospects for all, Manifest Climate supports women’s career advancements and gender equality. 

“More women leaders change the world, for the better. Our diverse team works collaboratively to find groundbreaking solutions to big problems,” said Laura Zizzo, Manifest Climate’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Diversity in the workplace, and especially in leadership, is crucial to creating the organizations and world we want to participate in. Our female leaders, throughout the organization, are resourceful, cooperative, and action-oriented. We know that our female employees are strong, smart, and impactful and they are needed to fulfill Manifest Climate’s purpose to bring climate transparency and thinking into our clients’ core business decisions.” 

Manifest Climate is committed to climate leadership and transparency as a key part of the global response to gender inequality. In a world where 70% of women are poor, and more intense and extreme weather events, droughts, and floods have a greater impact on the poor and most vulnerable, women will bear the brunt of the climate crisis. As a climate-focused organization, we are leading from within, and support our female employees’ growth, and encouraging them to thrive at all levels. We support our women employees to become their best selves, and this helps to enrich Manifest Climate’s mission and purpose.

The 2022 Best Workplace™ for Women recognition follows a thorough and independent analysis that was conducted by Great Place to Work™. It included the gathering of direct employee feedback. We will continue to promote and encourage our female employees in order to break more glass ceilings and create a truly equal workplace and culture.