Five Ways Technology Can Improve Your Climate Disclosure

June 5, 2023

As the climate disclosure landscape evolves, sustainability teams are struggling to keep up with investors’ and regulators’ changing demands. These teams, which are often small and under-resourced, end up spending a ton of time manually researching, benchmarking, and assessing how their reporting aligns with certain disclosure frameworks and standards. This pulls them away from high value tasks, such as developing and implementing their organization’s climate strategy and taking action to ensure company-wide climate resilience.

With technology, under-resourced sustainability teams and consultants will no longer have to worry about spending too much time and money on manual tasks. Technology gives sustainability teams the power to optimize their output, deliver and execute an effective climate plan, and move their company toward achieving its net-zero targets.

In our white paper, we explore five ways that climate disclosure technology can help improve corporate climate reporting, as well as its value-add for small sustainability teams and consultants. Technology can help teams automate their climate disclosure assessments, identify gaps in their disclosures and climate strategies, keep track of industry peers’ climate progress, stay up-to-date on business-relevant climate regulations and standards, as well as scale company-wide climate competence. All this frees up teams’ time and resources so they can be more focused on action and position their company as an industry climate leader.

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