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Acing the TCFD: Scenario Analysis & Climate Disclosures

December 9, 2020

Every business knows that the future holds both risks and opportunities. But how will those be different in a climate-changed world? The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) poses this question so that investors can start taking the impact of climate change into account. It also asks to start disclosing this thinking in a way that is decision-useful for others.

Scenario analysis is one of the most challenging aspects of aligning your corporate disclosures to the TCFD framework. We joined forces with Ortec Finance, a leading provider of technology and solutions for risk/return management, to present this look at the state of play in advanced scenario modeling.

If you are an investor looking to operate in a climate-adjusted world and better respond to increased demand for climate-specific disclosures, this webinar is for you. This webinar was presented prior to the rebrand from Mantle314 to Manifest Climate. Watch below!

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Presented by:

Joy Williams

Climate Strategist
Manifest Climate

Hailee Voegelin

Climate Solutions Analyst
Manifest Climate

Lisa Eichler

Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions
Ortec Finance