AI climate assessment

Request an AI-powered Climate Gap Assessment

February 9, 2024

Getting a head start on climate risk could be your company’s next big competitive advantage. And with Manifest Climate, it’s never been easier.

✅ Stop wasting time on manual research and analysis
✅ Avoid being underprepared for board meetings
✅ Steer clear of inefficient and static resources

In just minutes, our AI-powered platform can produce:

Disclosure assessments
See where you’re falling short on disclosure requirements, where you’re excelling, and where new opportunities are hiding in plain sight.

Peer benchmarks
Get crystal clear on how you measure up to your peers, and keep tabs on them with our up-to-date Climate Tracker.

Next-step recommendations
Know what to do next with our customized action items. After analyzing your climate disclosures against thousands of companies, Manifest Climate offers data-backed recommendations for what to do next.

Request a Free Climate Gap Assessment

Meet with an expert to uncover how well your climate disclosures align with relevant standards and frameworks. During a live walkthrough, discover hidden gaps and get unbiased guidance on what to do next. To qualify, you must have an existing public report that includes climate disclosures.