Diving Into Corporate Climate Disclosure and Management Trends

September 20, 2023

As the world transitions to a climate-adjusted future, many organizations are beginning to acknowledge and address their financial risks resulting from climate change. To help respond to these issues and take action, companies are reporting their financially material climate-related information — including their climate governance processes, strategies, risk management practices, and metrics and targets. 

However, not all companies are reporting and managing their climate-related issues equally. Organizations’ public climate disclosures can sometimes be patchy on details and differ substantially when it comes to what they say and what they don’t. Where are firms making progress on their climate management, and where are they missing the mark?

In this webinar, Manifest Climate’s Pete Richardson — Head of Climate Solutions, Research — and Hailee Voegelin — Climate Solutions Analyst — discuss key climate reporting and management trends that have been aggregated through Manifest Climate’s database of corporate climate disclosures. The two deep dive into Manifest’s data to break down findings on corporate transition plans, climate scenario analyses, company boards’ consideration of climate issues, and more. They also map out next best steps for firms that want to accelerate their climate maturity.

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Presented By:

Pete Richardson

Head of Climate Solutions, Research
Manifest Climate

Hailee Voegelin

Climate Solutions Analyst
Manifest Climate