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Effective Climate Risk Management: Combining Technology & Consulting

May 10, 2024

Listen into this conversation with South Pole, where we share how sustainability teams are working with both technology and consulting firms to navigate climate disclosure and manage climate risks effectively across their value chain. Financial and sustainability leaders across organizations grapple with the decision of whether to rely solely on consultants or point technology solutions for managing climate-related disclosure. With the challenges of upcoming regulation and managing key stakeholders, climate teams can inform decisions, drive action, and accelerate compliance with an approach that combines both. Discover how technology can empower sustainability teams and consultants to overcome challenges and drive meaningful impact across the value chain.


Striking the Balance: Learn why and how to effectively integrate technology and consulting services to optimize resources and sustainability outcomes, with a focus on industry-specific approaches and strategic advice. 

Accelerating Impact: Unlock the potential of day-one value, maximizing the impact of climate risk initiatives through effective integration of technology and consulting expertise 

Simplification with Technology: Gain clarity on navigating recent disclosures by harnessing technology to efficiently manage and clarify disclosure requirements, enhancing industry-wide transparency and compliance. Evaluate climate risks and foster stakeholder engagement, promoting strategic insights and cross-functional collaboration.

Driving efficiency for consultants: Discover how technology helps consultants streamline client processes and reduce groundwork with Manifest Climate’s climate disclosure alignment and index. Empowering consultants to focus on technical work like scenario analysis effectively.

Synergies in Action: Explore how Manifest Climate’s capabilities to streamline and centralize disclosure management, ensuring accurate and consistent reporting practices integrates with South Pole’s expertise to understand and quantify financial implications of climate risks and identifying effective resilience strategies.

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