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Elevating Sustainability Leaders: A Blueprint for Board Readiness

June 24, 2024

Sustainability has grown to become a boardroom topic, with global regulatory and stakeholder pressure prompting boards to adopt greater direct ownership of sustainability risks and opportunities. This conversation brings sustainability leaders to the forefront, equipping them with the data and expertise needed for effective decision-making and oversight that would enable boards and executive teams to lead with confidence on sustainability topics.

Key learnings for sustainability leaders:

Get access to practical advice & best practices on how to create a board-ready climate story integrated into your company’s business strategy.

  • Stay Aligned and Secure: Learn to navigate climate regulations effectively, assess risks, and integrate compliance seamlessly into business practices.
  • Data-Driven Insight: Master data collection, analysis, technology procurement, and trend identification to turn research into actionable strategies for climate action.
  • Engage & Inspire Confidence: Develop effective board and shareholder engagement, storytelling, and transparency skills to communicate climate initiatives authentically and drive meaningful impact.

What does being board ready mean?

Achieving comprehensive mastery of compliance, in-depth research acumen, and effective communications strategies. This means:

  • Researching, understanding, and adhering to relevant regulations and standards
  • Setting goals and targets to action your climate plan
  • Procuring necessary climate-related expertise and technology
  • Communicating all of the above along with your findings and reports clearly and persuasively to board members and stakeholders

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