EP3: How to Strategically Manage Climate Risk

April 19, 2023

Many companies are facing regulatory and investor pressures to identify, manage, and communicate their climate-related risks and opportunities. However, there’s still a lot of organizations that don’t know where — or how — to get started.

In this episode, Host Laura Zizzo discusses how businesses can strategically manage their financial risks and opportunities as they relate to climate change. To set the stage, Laura speaks with Manifest Climate’s Editorial Lead, Louie Woodall, who summarizes the top stories that Manifest Climate is following. Louie talks about the implications of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest synthesis report and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s renewed call for companies to disclose their climate-related information. He also addresses a new report by CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, which highlights the effectiveness of investor engagement on climate disclosure.

Laura is then joined by special guest Sarah Chapman, Manulife’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer at Manulife’s Global Wealth & Asset Management division. Laura and Sarah talk about how climate risk is generally managed at companies, how to move forward with respect to climate risk management, and more.

Climate Compass is a monthly podcast presented by Manifest Climate, the leading Climate Risk Planning software. 

What we discuss

0:31 Climate Trends Talk
1:13 The IPCC’s latest synthesis report
3:28 BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s renewed climate calls
5:20 CDP report finds investor engagement effective for climate disclosure
8:00 Introducing: Sarah Chapman, Chief Sustainability Officer at Manulife and Chief Marketing Officer at Manulife’s Global Wealth & Asset Management division
13:26 How the perception of climate risk has changed over the last decade
14:45 Managing climate risk and opportunity internally
18:49 How Manulife is responding to climate risks and opportunities
23:55 How companies can move forward on their climate journeys27:29 Advice to professionals who want to work in climate

How Manifest Climate can help

Our leading Climate Risk Planning software helps businesses identify, manage, and communicate their climate-related financial risks and opportunities. Manifest Climate’s software assesses how organizations disclose their climate-related information and identifies opportunities for improvement based on best practices. Our solution also provides insights into how your business’s disclosures stack up against industry peers, as well as expert takeaways on business-relevant climate trends that help your leaders make better decisions. Request a demo to learn more.


Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder & CEO
Manifest Climate

Louie Woodall

Product Content Director
Manifest Climate

Sarah Chapman

Global Chief Sustainability Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Investment Management