EP4: Integrating Climate and Nature-Related Financial Risk

May 24, 2023

More companies are beginning to recognize the importance of addressing their financial risks from climate change and nature loss. But few have yet to acknowledge just how interconnected the two are with one another.

In this episode, Host Laura Zizzo discusses how climate- and nature-related financial risks and opportunities integrate with one another. To provide context, Laura speaks with Manifest Climate’s Communications Lead, Daina Goldfinger, who breaks down the top stories that Manifest Climate is following. The two discuss the recent release of the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures’ (TNFD) beta framework, the results of a global pilot that saw financial institutions test the framework, and the first climate-nature scenario published  by the Inevitable Policy Response, a climate transition forecasting consortium.

After that, Laura is joined by special guest Hadley Archer, the executive director of Nature United, the Canadian affiliate of the Nature Conservancy. The two discuss why nature risks matter, how the TNFD will change the nature reporting landscape, and how nature-based solutions can address climate change. Laura and Hadley also touch on how companies can get started on nature-related issues.

Climate Compass is a production by Manifest Climate, the leading Climate Risk Planning software.

What we discuss

0:27 Climate Trends Talk
1:19 TNFD releases beta reporting framework
3:14 TNFD pilot with global financial institutions
5:58 The release of the first climate-nature scenario
7:17 Introducing: Hadley Archer, executive director of Nature United
11:35 How perceptions of climate and nature risk have changed
15:14 The intersection of nature and climate business risks
18:54 Why the TNFD is a game-changer
25:07 Discussing nature-based solutions and opportunities
28:32 How companies can get started on nature issues

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Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder & CEO
Manifest Climate

Daina Goldfinger

Communications Lead
Manifest Climate

Hadley Archer

Executive Director
Nature United