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Manifest Climate Welcomes G7’s Support of TCFD

June 7, 2021

TORONTO, CANADA; JUNE 7, 2021– Manifest Climate welcomes the G7’s endorsement of mandatory TCFD-aligned financial disclosures. The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is the world’s most robust framework for climate-related financial disclosure. TCFD-aligned disclosures offer investors specific, transparent information on organizations’ climate risks and strengthen corporate governance and accountability. They also provide a mechanism through which climate risks can be integrated into risk management and business strategy, and provide investors the transparency they need about organizations’ approach to climate risk and opportunities

We at Manifest understand the full scale of the climate challenge, and are committed to delivering real-time, specific and highly impactful tools and expertise to generate solutions for organizational success and the greater good. Our unique combination of AI, climate expertise and tailored learning support empowers organizations committed to thriving in a low-carbon economy to better understand, confidently disclose, effectively forecast and manage climate impact

The G7’s endorsement of the TCFD framework as the bedrock of forthcoming global regulations alongside domestic laws offers much needed clarity for leaders who are keen to act. Laura Zizzo, Co-Founder and CEO of Manifest Climate, says the commitment shows “major economies recognize that financial success going forward will be dependent on ensuring understanding, management and transparency of climate-related risk and opportunity. All organizations will be impacted by the economic transformation required to deal with the climate crisis and governments mandating better disclosure is a great step towards better decision-making.” The United Kingdom’s early adoption of mandatory TCFD-aligned reporting, and recent actions by US federal regulators in support of climate-related disclosures shows G7 countries are taking actions to match their rhetoric. 

Organizations now urgently need support to understand and disclose their climate risks and opportunities. Manifest was created to empower organizations to confidently identify, disclose and act on climate against the TCFD framework. We have supported some of North America’s leading organizations to act across the entire climate impact cycle in a competitive global marketplace. Our world-class experts and world leading dataset of TCFD benchmarks uniquely allows us to surface best practices and help leaders and organizations measure their performance against a robust global standard, as well as their peers.

Over 2,000 organizations with market capitalization of over USD 12 Trillion have already embraced TCFD recommendations as a tool to improve the surfacing and disclosure of risks and opportunities,” said Jeremy Greven, Co-Founder and President of Manifest Climate. “Mandatory TCFD-aligned disclosure worldwide will usher in greater demand for support from TCFD leaders like Manifest Climate. Our TCFD Maturity Module uses AI to identify climate-related maturity status and benchmark our clients against TCFD disclosure leaders in our worldwide best in class benchmarks,” added Greven. Manifest also provides on-demand educational resources to support company-wide stakeholders, track legal and policy changes as they occur and monthly curated reports with expert analysis on climate news and developments. 

Read the full G7 communication here.