Greenly & Manifest Climate Announce Partnership

April 24, 2024

When it comes to climate change, two heads are always better than one – and we’ve always been big believers that we can accomplish more in the global fight against global warming when we work together. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Greenly!

Greenly | Certified B Corp is a pioneer in carbon footprint analysis and sustainability insights. This collaboration aims to empower businesses with Greenly’s prowess in actionable GHG data reporting alongside our expertise in climate risk management, setting a new standard for climate strategy – driven by precision and ease.

How do Greenly and Manifest Climate plan to work together?

Ultimately, this new partnership will leverage the power of technology – as both Manifest Climate and Greenly will have the opportunity to share their softwares with a wider audience and introduce the power of using technology to help mitigate climate change.

Together, we can broaden horizons, as we both bring our strongest skill sets to the table to create an unstoppable duo in helping companies to navigate the new-norm of complying with environmental regulations.

Through our new partnership, we will be able to ensure that even more companies around the world are given the most precise and specialized information possible to help them best reduce their carbon footprint and achieve more ambitious goals.

How will our partnership with Greenly work?

Our partnership with Greenly will predominantly serve as a mutual referral program – meaning if Manifest Climate has clients looking to carry out their GHG assessments, we will be referring them to Greenly.

The partnership is bound to prove mutually beneficial – as many clients from Greenly will be referred to us when in a need of a climate intelligence tool, looking for an in-depth understanding of climate risks and disclosures while saving hours of groundwork, and needing help with achieving compliance.

How will clients using both Manifest Climate and Greenly benefit?

Our clients that are referred to Greenly will benefit from a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis in addition to gaining new insights on how to achieve greater sustainability.

Climate change is stressful enough, but companies who seek to use both Manifest Climate and Greenly’s services won’t have to worry about much – as both will help support the following:

  • Providing customized action plans utilizing both Manifest Climate and Greenly’s technology and insights;
  • Staying ahead of environmental regulations as both Manifest Climate and Greenly place a high value on this subject matter;
  • Elevate climate work-flow across your organization and others like never before;
  • Offering a seamless experience between our two teams for a compressive suite of climate solutions, as clients can first evaluate their climate risks with Manifest Climate and then proceed to take action with Greenly.

Our main goal of partnering with Greenly is to make it easier for companies to take action against climate change – We will help companies determine their climate risks, and Greenly will help them understand what needs to be done to mitigate them moving forward.

Technology has opened doors for simplicity like never before, even when it comes to fighting against climate change – and we are looking forward to showing how this can be done with Greenly!

Leverage the power of AI with Manifest Climate

Manifest Climate is an AI-powered platform that helps companies close disclosure gaps and supercharge their climate strategies. Our platform is the world’s best at assessing climate disclosures. We help to highlight your climate disclosure and management gaps across multiple standards and frameworks and provide data-driven recommendations for improvement. Our technology helps your team reduce time spent on manual research by 99%, improving precision and consistency as a result.