unreasonable change

Manifest Climate has been selected to join Unreasonable CHANGE, a new strategic collaboration between Accenture and Unreasonable, to support entrepreneurs building solutions to global sustainability challenges.

June 15, 2022

Unreasonable CHANGE is a three-year strategic collaboration, built on the shared belief that supporting social entrepreneurs innovating for a sustainable future, is not only a moral imperative but also an unprecedented business opportunity. Together, Accenture and Unreasonable believe that the level of systemic change we need to create a sustainable future is only possible through collaboration.

Through yearly programs, Accenture and Unreasonable will handpick the world’s most impactful social entrepreneurs who are building solutions for urgent environmental issues. With industry experts, renowned executives, and policymakers, the two organizations will guide these growth-stage ventures to scale their impact to millions of people. Unreasonable CHANGE addresses three key challenges: navigating complicated energy transitions; delivering sustainable ‘net zero’ supply chains; and changing consumer interest in sustainability.

Following a rigorous selection process across the world, Laura Zizzo, has been selected to join the first Unreasonable CHANGE program, alongside 13 other talented entrepreneurs. Together these innovative companies have already secured $133M in financing and generated $29M in revenue. They have operations in over 40 countries.

Manifest Climate is a leading SaaS Climate Risk Planning solution developed by climate experts to empower decision-makers with better access to information in order to navigate the transition to a climate-resilient future. With access to the latest technology, organizations can identify climate-related risks and opportunities, track peer action and market trends, build climate competency throughout the organization, and provide better disclosures aligned with global reporting frameworks. Manifest Climate is responding to the market pull from all publicly traded companies and many private companies who are being required to disclose climate-related financial risk by regulators and investors.

Laura Zizzo, co-founder, and CEO states: “We build Manifest Climate based on the belief that decision-makers will shore up their business sustainability and make better decisions if armed with curated and contextual climate-related insights. We can utilize machine learning and advanced AI to scale our climate expertise and surface best practices to support innovation to create a more climate-resilient economy. Increased climate-related competency and transparency can accelerate a smoother climate transformation and we are excited to be inspired by the Unreasonable CHANGE program participants to help us go further and faster, together.”

Daniel Epstein, founder, and CEO of Unreasonable said: “These talented entrepreneurs demonstrate a clear conviction that they will stop at nothing to ensure they put a positive dent on history, and it’s an honor to help scale their solutions to millions of people worldwide. Our ambition is that Unreasonable CHANGE is a beacon for business, for industry, and for capitalism – one where corporate and disruptive startups collide, where no one works alone, and we can leverage business as a tool for lasting positive change.”

Ryan Shanks, managing director, of Accenture’s The Dock, said, “Sustainability is the defining challenge for the world in the next decade and beyond and it will take the collective effort of governments, corporations, and citizens to address it. The role of the startup community will be vital in helping provide new thinking and technologies that can sit at the heart of that conversation and we believe we have an important role to play in finding and supporting entrepreneurs looking to take on the challenge. It is, therefore, a real privilege for us to partner with the Unreasonable Group and such a talented cohort of entrepreneurs.”

Accenture’s participation in Unreasonable CHANGE builds on its broader sustainability initiatives with a variety of clients, strategic alliance partners, and other international organizations, and includes Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, which makes early-stage investments in startups with technologies and services that create value for clients as well as broader ecosystem partners.

For more information, visit https://unreasonablechange.com