MC Spring release

Manifest Spring Releases: A New AI Feature That Will Save You Hours

May 22, 2024

This spring, we rolled out one major new feature and several smaller updates that will make life even better for the finance and sustainability teams using Manifest Climate. The first is our Insights Explorer, which helps you find data and best practice examples from particular industries and companies in seconds. Others include updates to the SEC final ruling, new ways to download data summaries, and a new year-on-year progress view.

Reduce Climate Research Time by 99% with Insights

Our new Insights Explorer feature gives users immediate insights in a single click, allowing users to search our entire disclosure database, filled with thousands of disclosures, to quickly source examples and summaries of how other companies are meeting various climate standard requirements and compare them side by side.

This allows users to compare various companies’ disclosures on specific climate regulations all within a single view, and quickly pull out sector-level trends.

For example, you might want to find out how Coca Cola are setting GHG targets, how Allianz are using carbon offsets, or how the energy sector is approaching climate-linked pay.

The Insights Explorer database can be queried and filtered by:

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Climate requirement
  • Keyword

The results of your search will show an AI-generated summary of how a particular company is disclosing or meeting the relevant climate standard. It will also provide linked references to the public document page where that information was found, so you don’t have to go hunting through past sustainability reports on the internet.

Insights Explorer will save climate and sustainability teams hours reading through multi-page reports to:

Understand industry trends
For example, if you filter for examples of “climate-linked pay” in your industry, you’ll quickly see what the industry’s best practices are for incentivizing climate goals, and who is accountable for reaching them. This will make creating your own strategy around climate incentives much faster, and help you justify it all the way up the chain of command.

Get subject-specific competitive analysis
With a quick search, you can compare your climate progress to that of your peers and competitors on any of the 41 climate action items, locating your weak spots but also highlighting your climate competitive differentiator.

Dive deep on data
Sometimes you just need the right data at your fingertips, and Insights Explorer makes that possible. You can search specifically for Scope 1, Scope 2, or Scope 3 emissions data for a particular company or industry, and instantly see emissions reported for a particular financial year. No data-gathering in the wild, it’s all right here for you. (And if you want to dive deeper, links to the precise pages of the reports in which these figures are disclosed are also provided.)

Stay up to date with the latest SEC decisions

The SEC’s climate disclosure ruling is top of mind for many of our customers. We’ve adjusted our “proposed SEC rules” standard to reflect the final passed ruling. What does this mean, exactly?

Zooming out a little, our “common ground” methodology finds commonalities between various global climate standards and has mapped them to 41 tangible, actionable steps that sustainability teams and organizations can take to expedite disclosure compliance.

Using Manifest Climate, users can quickly understand their gaps as they pertain to SEC disclosures, and get direction on recommended action items to take first. If you’re preparing for SEC compliance, or just thinking about it, you can lean on Manifest Climate with confidence that you’re checking the right boxes.

Get to presentation-mode faster

One of our primary goals here at Manifest Climate is to make it easier for consultants, sustainability, and finance teams to communicate their climate data, performance, and strategy in a holistic narrative.

We’ve now introduced a new formatted PowerPoint download option, which gives teams the ability to download an executive summary of the findings from their Manifest Climate gap analysis. This will save you many frustrating hours in PowerPoint, giving you back precious time.

See year-on-year progress at a glance

The Workspace Summary view is our most popular feature. At a quick glance, you’ll see how well you’re complying with the various climate standards you’re interested in, and how much work is left to achieve full compliance. Many of our customers use this page as their starting point in their disclosure journeys.

We’ve now made this summary view even more comprehensive by adding in the option to see year-over-year progress based on your previous disclosures. You’ll see your current disclosure alignment score compared with scores from previous years. It’s no longer just a starting point — it’s also a way for teams to measure their progress and build buy-in internally.

With the progress view comes a detailed change log that tracks all changes and progress made across your team members within Manifest Climate. Within this change log you can see timestamped internal updates, improvements, and notes your team has made that improve your alignment to various standards. It also acts as a central place for work that might be done across various parts of the business but that impact climate reporting.

The changelog can be used as a light “audit” trail and can help maintain continuity of the project through organizational changes and hand-offs. If a project changes owners (from sustainability to finance, for example), the progress page will provide a detailed timeline of all actions taken.

See Manifest Climate in action

Manifest Climate is the leading Climate Intelligence Software that provides decision-makers with climate-related insights and recommendations to inform decisions, seize opportunities and mitigate risk.

Manifest Climate uses industry-leading AI models to create comparability from qualitative climate information faster, more accurately and more consistently than humans.

Issuers, service providers and financial institutions choose Manifest Climate for ease of use, in-house climate expertise, and depth of qualitative climate data.

With Manifest Climate, teams reduce time spent on manual research by 99%, improving precision and consistency as a result.