03.24 SEC Climate Risk Diligent Webinar

From Data to Dialogue: Mastering the SEC Climate Rule & Climate Risk Communication

March 26, 2024

Listen in on a discussion with Diligent, the leading Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform, to understand the practical impact of the final SEC climate rule and what the new climate risk transparency requirements mean for your organization. Learn how to tell an effective climate story with the right set of data, processes, and qualitative narratives.

The recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s climate rule established a broad set of transparency requirements for U.S. issuers, with implications for private companies as well. What you disclose matters. But how you disclose matters too.  In the wake of transparency requirements like these, how can companies get the right data, establish the right process management and oversight of risks across the enterprise, and the qualitative insights to tell a meaningful story around climate risks and opportunities? 

What’s more, the final rules solidify the importance of robust management and board processes to determine and disclose material climate-related risks to the business. Clear communication of an organization’s approach is essential from the board and across the organization internally and externally to regulators and investors.

A conversation led by Laura Zizzo, Co-founder & CEO at Manifest Climate featuring experts: Linda Mantia, Board Member at McKesson, Dayforce, Maple Leaf Foods and Russell Dover, Principal, Solution Design at Diligent. 

Key trends we’ll discuss:

Understanding the Scope
Unpacking the requirements of the recent SEC climate ruling and its impact on disclosure practices, and what it means for businesses.

Data Management Strategies
Approaches for collecting, managing, and analyzing the necessary data to meet disclosure requirements effectively.

Governance & Process Optimization
Best practices for establishing streamlined processes and robust oversight, including management and board governance, mechanisms to manage climate risks across the enterprise.

Crafting Compelling Narratives
Leveraging qualitative insights to tell a meaningful and compelling story around climate risks and opportunities.

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