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Unpacking the Momentum in North America’s Climate Response

April 7, 2021

The policy landscape for climate-related financial risks and opportunities is changing rapidly. From the evolution of reporting requirements in Europe to the emerging policy shifts signaled in the early days of the Biden Administration, it is expected that investors and firms will be under increasing pressure to explain how they are addressing climate change risks, and how they are capturing opportunities to accelerate climate action.

In this webinar, we are joined by Washington, DC-based Climate Finance Advisors for a fireside chat. We discuss the policy and investment drivers behind the rapidly evolving landscape, and what that may mean in terms of capacity and data/analytics needed to address and report on climate-related financial risks. We also discuss notable policy & program decisions being implemented by federal and state/provincial governments on climate change, and how they lay the groundwork for the rest of the year. In particular, we talk about what this focus on climate risk in the financial sector means for the US economy, Canada, and the world at large. Watch below!

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Presented by:

Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder & CEO
Manifest Climate

Kevin Quinlan

Climate Strategist
Manifest Climate

Stacy Swann

CEO & Founding Partner
Climate Finance Advisors

John Paul Moscarella

Climate Finance Advisors