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EP1: Inside the Rise of Climate Disclosures

February 21, 2023

Climate disclosures are becoming table stakes for companies around the world. But what should organizations know about where climate reporting is headed?

In the first episode of Climate Compass, Host Laura Zizzo chats about what the evolution of corporate climate disclosures means for businesses. She speaks with Manifest Climate’s Editorial Lead, Louie Woodall, who breaks down the top stories in the space over the last few months. Louie also touches on Manifest Climate’s inaugural Disclosure Benchmark Review, which analyzes the decision-usefulness of companies’ climate disclosures.

Laura is then joined by special guest Paul Simpson, the co-founder and former CEO of CDP, a global nonprofit that helps investors, companies, and municipalities disclose and manage their environmental impact. Laura and Paul discuss what climate disclosures looked like 20 years ago, how they’ve changed, and how they’re becoming corporate essentials. They also explore how companies can move toward a net-zero economy.

Climate Compass is a monthly podcast presented by Manifest Climate, the leading Climate Risk Planning solution. 

What we discuss 

1:05 Climate Trends Talk
1:57 Manifest Climate’s Disclosure Benchmark Review
5:09 UN expert panel releases guidance for companies setting net-zero targets
6:39 How incoming regulation will support climate disclosure
10:05 What CDP’s data tells us about organizations’ climate disclosures
12:04 Introducing: Paul Simpson, CDP co-founder and former CEO
13:21 CDP’s evolution and how climate disclosures have changed
17:25 Moving climate reporting from voluntary to table stakes
22:46 How climate competence is changing among senior decision-makers
24:29 How future climate reporting may evolve and how companies can prepare

How Manifest Climate can help

Investor and regulatory pressure is mounting for companies to produce climate-related financial disclosures, and Manifest Climate can help. 

Our leading Climate Risk Planning solution helps businesses identify, manage, and communicate their climate-related financial risks and opportunities. Manifest Climate’s proprietary software assesses how organizations disclose their climate-related information and identifies opportunities for improvement based on best practices. Our solution also provides insights on how your business stacks up against industry peers, as well as expert takeaways on business-relevant climate trends that help your leaders make better decisions. Request a demo to learn more.


Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder & CEO
Manifest Climate

Paul Simpson

Co-Founder & former CEO

Louie Woodall

Product Content Director
Manifest Climate