Inside look at the TCFD Governance White Paper by Manifest Climate

TCFD Governance White Paper – What Does Good Look Like

January 28, 2022

Good governance is the foundation of an effective climate response.

An organization that gets governance wrong almost invariably makes bad climate decisions. Conversely, an organization with good governance can realize the power of its climate strategy and risk management, and is able to implement behavior-changing metrics and targets. Wherever you are on your climate journey, it’s critical to get governance right.

In this white paper, we show how and why governance plays such a pivotal role in an organization’s climate response using the framework set by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We also highlight the challenges that many organizations face getting to grips with governance, and using real-world examples showcase best practices, and provide practical takeaways that will help you on your climate journey.

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