Using AI to Streamline Your Climate Reporting Process

Using AI to Streamline Your Climate Reporting Process

January 30, 2024

Get a front-row seat to the future of corporate climate reporting from experts Laura Zizzo, Co-founder & CEO of Manifest Climate and Ryan Meyers, Chief Product Officer, as they reveal the capabilities of their industry-leading disclosure methodology. Our software empowers Climate Teams and ESG professionals to:

  • Gain clarity on where their organization stands relative to climate regulations such as the ISSB (IFRS), CSRD and TCFD, their industry, and their peer benchmarks,
  • Access strategic intelligence including disclosure best practices, and climate action data from across thousands of companies, and
  • Get a jump-start on report writing by harnessing advanced AI and Manifest Climate’s organization of your climate-specific data to auto-generate documents for you (TCFD disclosure draft content, CDP questionnaire submissions, and more).

Key Highlights of the Webinar:

Multi-Standard Gap Analysis:
Explore a comprehensive overview of your public disclosures and internal processes aligned with various climate standards, including TCFD, ISSB, California’s SB-261, and our newest addition, CSRD – in a single view.

Recommended Action Items with Best Practice Examples:
Bid farewell to uncertainty by identifying the top 5 action items crucial for closing the largest gaps within your disclosure standards alignment. Benefit from real-world examples of industry leaders, providing actionable insights to guide and inspire your organization towards effective climate action.

New Sector and Peer Benchmarking Data:
Gain a deeper understanding of disclosure trends within your industry vertical through our Sector Uptake View. This feature illuminates the most and least commonly disclosed climate actions. Compare and contrast your organization’s performance with peer data seamlessly using our new Tracker UI.

New Disclosure Coverage Mapping:
Evaluate the coverage of your organization’s public disclosure documents and documented internal practices against each Climate Standard and their specific regulation section requirements. Enhance transparency and accountability effortlessly.

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Presented By:

Laura Zizzo

Co-Founder & CEO
Manifest Climate

Ryan Meyers

Head of Product
Manifest Climate