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We’ve been helping companies understand their climate risks and plan their related strategies for over 15 years. We’re committed to offering a world-class software solution and turning climate risks into a competitive advantage.

Flexible packages to build your climate strategy

Climate Essential

What's included:

  • Disclosure review & gap analysis against the TCFD
  • Climate Profile to track your progress
  • Peer Tracker (3 companies)
  • Climate Trends
  • Resources
  • Number of seats: 1
Manifest Climate climate story dashboard

Add ons

TCFD Climate Disclosure Preparation Support

  • Improve your disclosures with the support of our team, from draft reviews to peer and portfolio analysis.

Access to Climate Bar

  • Meet your climate needs with our climate advisory team.
Access to Climate Bar

Additional Seats

  • Increase collaboration across teams to manage climate risks and opportunities.
Additional Seats

Additional Standards Coverage: SEC, ISSB, CSA, UK, OSFI

  • Go beyond TCFD coverage and ensure alignment with one or more climate-related standards or regulations.

Additional Peer Tracking

  • Gain better insights into your industry with additionally tracked companies.

And more

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