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The leading climate solution trusted by global companies

"Manifest Climate helped us create a clear and credible climate story, while decreasing time-consuming groundwork by over 80%, giving our team time back to think strategically and focus on effectively communicating our climate strategy."

Hannie Fisher
Director, Sustainability and Decarbonization at Civitas Resources

"Manifest Climate gives our executives and board confidence that the progress we are making is comparable to our size in the market. That's what executives want - the confidence that we're on the right track."


Gaby Polanco Sorto
VP and Head, Purpose and Sustainability at Gore Mutual

“Manifest Climate helps us as consultants easily demonstrate disclosure gaps and help our clients seize opportunities for climate action.”

Harman Gill
Climate Risk and Opportunities Lead, NAM, at South Pole

“As with any public organization, we're constantly responsible for keeping leadership abreast of all latest developments and reporting. Without Manifest Climate, we’d be behind the curve.” 

Aasim Shaikh
SCM Manager, Projects & Programs at SCI

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