Climate Governance

Beyond a Net-Zero Target: Why Climate Management Matters

As the climate transition accelerates, more companies are setting ambitious targets to zero out their emissions. While some are choosing to do this voluntarily, others…

Why Businesses Must Build Climate Competency Across the Board

Companies Turn to Sustainability for Long-Term Growth and Cost Savings

Women Governance Trailblazers – Laura Zizzo

The Role of Climate Risk Planning

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Why Climate Governance is Critical to Drive Climate Action

April 20th, 2022 In this webinar, we discuss how many boards still struggle when it comes to climate change. That’s why it’s so important that…

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How Manifest Climate is Helping Leaders Take Effective Climate Action

In this Kindred interview, Manifest Climate CEO and co-founder Laura Zizzo discusses how her firm is helping leaders take effective and substantial climate action by…

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Climate Governance 101

January 28th, 2022 In this webinar, we talk about the first steps businesses need to take to structure and provide oversight for your climate journey…

Inside look at the TCFD Governance White Paper by Manifest Climate

TCFD Governance White Paper – What Does Good Look Like

Good governance is the foundation of an effective climate response. An organization that gets governance wrong almost invariably makes bad climate decisions. Conversely, an organization…

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How to Turn Climate Disclosures into Action – Part II

In our previous blog, we outlined, at a high-level, what it means to operationalize the TCFD framework within a company. We illustrated how developing corporate-level…