Assessing Climate Risk in Asset Management: A Conversation with Los Angeles Capital Management

October 25, 2023

As the impacts of climate change become more apparent, a growing number of asset managers recognize the threat these natural disasters pose to their portfolios and investment strategies. In response, many companies are developing and undergoing extensive processes to both identify and assess their climate-related financial risks.

Manifest Climate and Los Angeles Capital Management hosted a webinar to discuss the climate risks facing asset managers, with a specific focus on physical climate risks — like hurricanes or sea level rise. Building off our joint white paper, this webinar helps asset managers understand the extent of their potential climate risks and their possible impacts on investments.

For this webinar, Manifest Climate’s Shashanka Suresh speaks with Laina Draeger, Los Angeles Capital Management’s Director of Global Equities and Responsible Investing, and Sidharth Madan, Los Angeles Capital Management’s Associate Research Director. The three discuss why identifying climate risks is important, how physical risk can affect companies’ financial returns, and how Los Angeles Capital Management’s multi-factor model is well-positioned to anticipate risks and capture opportunities posed by climate change. They also talk about the processes, methodologies, and metrics needed when it comes to identifying climate risks.

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Presented By:

Shashanka Suresh

Climate Solutions Director
Manifest Climate

Laina Draeger

Director of Global Equities and Responsible Investing
Los Angeles Capital Management

Sidharth Madan

Associate Director — Research
Los Angeles Capital Management