A group of 4 people sitting in a meeting with an orange background

Building a Culture of Curiosity, Innovation and Responsibility

March 18, 2021

Manifest Climate as an organization is purpose-driven and evolutionary. We are made up of individuals who want to make a mark and have a real impact. Passion is an incredible source of fuel – the opportunity to channel that passion, pair it with your skills, learn from others, work with global companies, and be part of building, not just a tech startup but one that is fueling positive climate action and climate confidence is incredibly rewarding. This is a place where we are laying the road ahead of us, defining the trends, determining what’s relevant, and all while balancing both the need for sustainability and the need for an economic balance. 

At Manifest, we actively foster a culture of transparency, authenticity, dedication, and enthusiasm. Collaborative, relationship builders, invested partners, strategic planners. As a group with a range of professional backgrounds and education, we value and respect our diverse perspectives. We share a common goal – that of the Manifest Climate mission – and we glean tremendous satisfaction personally and professionally with the knowledge that we are working in a space that has an amazing impact. 

The people here don’t subscribe to a traditional hierarchy and instead embrace accountability and exude a doer mentality. We are builders, creators, innovators, administrators, analysts, and consultants. We respect each other’s opinions, ideas, and expertise without insisting on the number of years of experience you have backing up your thoughts. Innovation is an ongoing process, and all ideas are welcome. We are all leaders to one degree or another, and team players in a very tangible way. Whatever it takes to get our product, our projects, our sales, and our clients across the finish line – that’s what every one of us has signed up for. We are committed to growth and improvement as individuals, as a team, and as a company. And we hire top talent who want to join us in our continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

We have the intensely committed leadership and long-term vision to create an impact. Our deep expertise in bridging positive climate action with business profitability for our clients, fills a growing demand at a global level. Through the use of AI, we are able to bring cutting edge tech into the world of corporate disclosure, helping businesses understand their climate-related risks and opportunities. Our Manifest platform empowers our clients with the Machine Learning technology and the strategic roadmap they need to make a measurable and meaningful difference. It takes a group of people who share a common purpose, a set of beliefs, and a work ethic to make what we do a reality – and a company we all want to be part of. We are all on this pioneering adventure together, shaping the market and becoming a trusted voice in this space.

Joining us is a chance to be part of an exciting point in a company’s history. We are building something from the ground up. As a newer player in the space, we are poised for success with the brains, creativity, clients, funding, and burgeoning reputation. If we had to describe the people who make up our teams, it would be brilliant, hard workers energized by the momentous task ahead of them.

If you line up with our culture and who we are, we invite you to check out our open opportunities and apply. And if your talents don’t fall under any clear definition, don’t be deterred, we remain interested in who you are and what you can bring to our mission.