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As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, we see our company as more than just a place to work - we see ourselves as partners for long-term business success and positive climate action.

Why Work With Us

By joining Manifest Climate, you become part of a team that empowers organizations around the world to adopt strategies and take measurable actions that will help bend the curve toward climate resilience. Whether it's building products, analyzing data or designing experiences, you'll have a front row seat for a powerful transformation that's only just beginning.

What We Believe: Company Core Values



We encourage open mindsets and take a "fail forward" approach to our work.



We are curious, engaged and passionate about finding synergy between business and climate imperatives.



We nurture leaders, helping them find the confidence to bring their expertise and knowledge to the organization and the industry.



We're greater as a whole and better when we embrace diversity. Together, we're committed to our purpose and to our team's growth.



We maintain an open and honest environment, enabling every team member to contribute to the conversation and shape our direction.



We believe increased autonomy allows us to be efficient, effective and agile in achieving our vision.

Open Positions

Demand Generation Lead

Sales Development Representative

Working at Manifest Climate

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