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What it’s like to Interview at Manifest Climate

May 7, 2021

At Manifest Climate, we are scaling rapidly to meet the demands of a global market transitioning to a low-carbon economy. As an organization, we embrace self-management philosophies and continuously evolve to meet our highest purpose. We’re committed to our purpose and to each other’s growth. We believe that building the best team starts with finding the right-fit candidates and welcoming them from the start of the interview process. As a collaborative, knowledge-sharing, self-driven culture, we value transparency. That starts with your initial interaction with us. From a job ad that tells the story of who we are and how you will fit into our purpose-driven mission right through to your onboarding, you will have access to the information and details you need to choose Manifest as the place to grow your career. 

We believe that bringing our whole selves to work creates a more vibrant environment. We know we are greater as a whole and better when we celebrate diversity. We encourage every team member to be their authentic self. We are all richer for it. Diversity and inclusion are at the top of mind when it comes to hiring, and to that end, we welcome applicants with a range of backgrounds, academic history, lived experience, and hard skills. Passion, an open mind, the willingness to take and apply feedback, and an innovative, collaborative approach are what make each individual at Manifest a valued member of our team.

If you are interested in working together to build a climate intelligence platform backed by experts and technology, we are hiring. Here’s what you can expect from the moment you submit your application to the time an offer is made. 

Determining if we have a role where your skills will level-up the work we do 

Not everyone has to be a climate expert or have hands-on data science experience. Depending on our needs at the moment and our pipeline, we may be looking for someone with deep exposure or someone more junior we can mentor and grow.

So, how do we make that decision? We read your resume from end-to-end. While we are a tech startup, we know that real human beings are needed to interpret the nuanced skills and range of hands-on experience that might make a successful hire. After all, you will be working with us, not in a technology silo. 

Getting to know you – and why you want to get to know us

We value your time and understand that you are likely working, studying, or actively searching for a new opportunity. To learn more about how you envision your skills contributing to what we do, we will set up a phone conversation with a Talent Advisor to learn about you, and what inspired you to apply to a particular role. We’ll answer any questions you have about who we are and what we do.

Technical assessment

Interviewing for a new role shouldn’t feel like a pop quiz. We want to ensure you feel empowered to present your best self. To that end, if applicable to your potential role, we will give you the time to prepare for and complete a technical assessment. As always, a human will evaluate your submission, taking into consideration your thought process and methodology. 

Meet the Hiring Lead

At this point, the person who will be coaching and guiding your work will set up a 1-hour video interview with you that will include a further evaluation of your skills through a range of scenario-based questions. You will have the chance to discuss your experience, and why you think you will make a great team member. You may be asked to walk us through your portfolio or resume or we may present a case study to you for an open conversation on how you might approach solving a problem. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the day-to-day work, growth opportunities, the impact of what you will do, and how the team fits into the larger Manifest purpose.  

Meet the team

An additional 1-hour video call will be set up for you to meet 1 or 2 other members of the team. You will be asked scenario-specific questions that allow you to showcase how you solve problems, and how you will be a valuable collaborator. In turn, you will have a chance to understand how the team comes together to innovate solutions and drive client satisfaction. 

Meet the founders

Our co-founders Laura Zizzo and Jeremy Greven, are inspirational, influential, and involved at every level of what we do. You will have a chance to meet one or both of them for 30 minutes to ask and answer questions that will confirm alignment with our mission and values.

Applying, interviewing, and considering a new role are significant and stressful steps necessary to further your career development. At Manifest, we want to do everything we can to reduce the stress, keep you informed, and expedite the process. As we continue to expand our presence and reach in the market, we need to grow our team further. We want individuals who are inspired to contribute meaningfully to our purpose. If that sounds like you, and you are passionate about empowering climate action through technology, express your interest here or learn more about what we do here.