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How Businesses Can Cut Through the Noise of Climate News

May 20, 2022

The firehose of climate news is often difficult for companies to interpret for decision-useful information. From scientific and regulatory developments to updates on global climate commitments, new standards, initiatives, and company announcements, corporate leaders need to stay on top of what’s happening in order to make informed business decisions. But with the constant flow of news, how can businesses cut through the noise and get the information they need? And how can companies compare their progress with competitors and truly understand where they’re at on their climate journeys?

Through our cutting-edge Market Intelligence Module, Manifest Climate provides comprehensive coverage and independent insights on key climate trends in concise daily articles, based on news and analysis from more than 30,000 trusted outlets. We zone in and focus on the key developments our clients need to know about to enhance their climate understanding. We also compare climate actions and metrics across sector leaders so that businesses can understand where they stand in relation to others. Read below to understand the three components of our Market Intelligence Module and what they offer:

Climate Trend Articles

Our Trend Articles break down climate headlines to inform business leaders and save them time. Each article includes decision-useful insights and takeaways relevant for businesses from our in-house climate experts.

Each Trend Article focuses on one of seven core Trend categories: Climate Finance, Climate Risk Management, Governance,  Energy Transition, Policy and Legal Action, Technology and Innovation, and Regulation and Markets.

The Climate Finance category covers funding that goes toward climate change mitigation and/or adaptation initiatives. Climate Risk Management dives into the climate-related hazards affecting businesses, as well as the processes and strategies to address the associated financial losses.

Energy Transition looks at the policies, technologies, and frameworks that are being put in place to decarbonize the global energy supply. Governance focuses on how organizations are changing the ways they’re run in response to climate change.

Regulations & Markets covers the legislation and agency rules intended to align private sector activities with climate goals. Policy & Legal Action explores climate laws, agreements, and the various governmental organizations that have been convened to address climate change. Finally, Technology & Innovation breaks down the new ideas and tools being developed to tackle climate change and power the low-carbon transition.

Recent Trend Articles cover the current energy demand crisis, the recent United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on countries’ climate commitments, and the global proliferation of green bonds.

Sector Watch

Sector Watch is another feature of our Market Intelligence Module. This is where we benchmark the climate-related performance of selected companies organized by industry, allowing businesses to compare their climate progress against competitors. 

The sectors that Manifest Climate covers include banks, asset managers, real estate, utilities, asset owners, manufacturing, insurance, mining, and retail. For each sector, we aggregate key climate-related data and organize it so that companies can better understand what their peers are disclosing about their climate journeys. 

Climate Trend Reports

Manifest Climate’s once-a-month Trend Reports provide clients with bitesize summaries of the Trend Articles that matter most to them. They help businesses get the information they need to stay informed and make decisions.

By engaging with Manifest Climate’s Trend Reports, company leaders can save time while staying up-to-date on everything they need to know. The reports will also help them to identify what to disclose in their climate-related communications to stakeholders and support their efforts to develop appropriate climate plans and strategies. 

Why Manifest Climate?

Manifest Climate is a climate intelligence SaaS platform that combines cutting-edge technology and ongoing support from climate experts to deliver best-in-class climate guidance at scale. We provide an easier, faster, and more cost-effective way for organizations to stay on top of key climate trends and the climate-related performance of peers, allowing them to improve their climate actions and disclosures and build resilience to the impacts of climate change on their business. To experience our Market Intelligence firsthand, request a demo today.