Why Climate-Related Due Diligence is Essential

Why Climate-Related Due Diligence is Essential

The recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has been interpreted by many as a bleak warning of the dangers of climate change exceeding 1.5°C….

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Finance Solutions for Climate Action Needed

One of the main obstacles to meaningful climate action is adequate capital backing. While government policies and incentives are crucial to drive climate initiatives, solutions…

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Unpacking Transition Risk and Opportunity for Canada and the World

The ongoing global transition to a lower-carbon, resilient economy requires significant and, in some cases, disruptive changes across economic sectors and industries. These changes present…

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Climate Disclosure: A Transition from Thinking to Action

“There has been a transition in thinking. And this is now beginning to be translated into action.” -Mark Carney’s speech, “A Transition in Thinking and Action,”…

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Canadian Securities Regulators Report on Need for Better Climate Disclosure

On April 5, 2018, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the CSA) published CSA Staff Notice 51-354 Report on Climate Change-related Disclosure Project (the Notice). The Notice details the…

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Keep Calm and Disclose your Climate Change Risks

This Guest Post was Contributed by Mercedes Arango* In the last days, nine investment group leaders, including la Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (CDPQ),…

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Climate Change and the Financial Sector

Awareness and calls to action on climate change in the financial sector have gained significant momentum in the last few years, especially since the 2015…

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2 Years After Paris Agreement, Support for Climate Disclosure is Surging

The final recommendations of the industry-led Financial Stability Board (FSB) Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) are continuing to gain momentum and attract support from companies,…

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Drive for Increased Climate-related Financial Disclosures Continues

Companies can no longer hide their climate risk. The Financial Stability Board (FSB) is helping to standardize the approach to reporting on climate-related risks and opportunities,…

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CSA to Review Climate-Related Disclosure and Reporting Requirements

MARCH 21, 2017 – The Canadian Securities Administrators announced their intention to review the climate-related disclosures prepared by large reporting issuers listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange….