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Climate Disclosure is Up Across Sectors, but Additional Progress Urgently Required

A growing number of climate disclosures are identifying more extensive climate-related risks, but also revealing the opportunities may greatly outweigh the costs for many organizations….

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Bank of Canada Lists Climate Change as a Risk to Canada’s Economy

On Thursday, the Bank of Canada released its 2019 Financial System Review, and for the first time it listed climate change as one of the main…

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Expensive and Now Frequent Once-a-Century Floods Shifting Conversation

As parts of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick suffer from historic floods after recently cleaning up from once-in-a-century floods, political leaders are no longer taking the…

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Climate Change Litigation Mounts as Companies Face Increased Exposure

Over 1,200 climate change cases have been filed in more than 30 jurisdictions against governments and corporations, including 950 in the United States, according to…

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Corporate Directors Facing Increased Exposure to Climate Change Litigation

Corporate directors face an increasing climate liability exposure, according to an updated legal opinion by an Australian think tank, the Centre for Policy Development (CPD). The original 2016…

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Significant Step to Making TCFD a Requirement

Over 2250 financial market participants will have to report on TCFD recommendations of governance, strategy and risk/opportunity in 2020. This is the next step in…

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Sustainable Classification System (Green Taxonomy)

A Canadian-Specific Standard is Needed Today, the term sustainable finance refers mainly to public and private funds earmarked to support a transition to a low…

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To the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance

Looking ahead for the long-term The work by the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance was a welcome initiative by the federal government. Manifest hopes that…

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RI Americas Conference 2018

Manifest was pleased to participate on two panels at the recent Responsible Investor Americas 2018 in New York. Laura Zizzo moderated a panel on the alignment…

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Litigation Will Force Better Management and Disclosure of Climate-Related Risk

A Quebec group is suing Canada’s federal government for violating the rights of young people by failing to tackle climate change.  In Juliana v. US,…