Leverage Data and AI

Five Ways Technology Can Improve Your Climate Disclosure

Our white paper explores five ways that climate disclosure technology can help improve corporate climate reporting, as well as its value-add for small sustainability teams and consultants.

Leverage Data and AI
Inside look at the TCFD Governance White Paper by Manifest Climate

TCFD Governance White Paper – What Does Good Look Like

Good governance is the foundation of an effective climate response. An organization that gets governance wrong almost invariably makes bad climate decisions. Conversely, an organization…

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Closing the Gap White Paper: Using the TCFD Data and Insights to Accelerate Change, and Five Keys to Success

The recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) are designed to bring transparency and consistency to climate-related disclosures. Used in the right…

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Guide for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation Considerations into Canadian Standards

Climate change is transforming how we build and maintain infrastructure, perform work, transport goods, source raw materials, and deliver products and services. Industry standards must…

Report: Financial Risk of Climate Change in a Transition to a Low-Carbon World

Manifest’s (formerly Mantle314) research paper for the University of British Columbia (UBC) highlights for investors how climate change science and risks translate into financial impacts….

Learn about the TCFD, what it does, and how it helps businesses.

White Paper: Investing in a Climate-Changed Economy

The climate is changing, bringing risks to businesses. Companies are beginning to move beyond thinking of climate as a corporate social responsibility or a regulatory…

White Paper: Driving Business Value Through Climate Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis continues to be one of the most challenging of the TCFD recommendations for any organization to implement. However, Manifest (formerly Mantle314) and Verability…