Climate Basics: What are Physical Risks? Why do they matter for your business and community?

November 9th, 2021

In November, Manifest Climate was joined by Dr. Blair Feltmate, author of Sustainable Banking and Aquatic Ecology and Head of Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation for an interactive conversation on what are Physical Risks, and why do they matter for your business?

Business and financial decisions are increasingly being assessed by how well they incorporate climate risks and their impact over time. While physical and transitional risks have emerged as the two categories of interlinked climate-related economic and financial concern, physical risks, the most immediate, are often unaddressed. The economic impact stemming from the expected increase of natural hazards, both in frequency and magnitude is great.

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Presented by:

Kevin Quinlan

Climate Strategist
Manifest Climate

Dr. Blair Feltmate

Head, Intact Center on Climate Adaption
University of Waterloo