Manifest Climate Acquires Climate Risk Review

Manifest Climate Completes Acquisition of Climate Risk Review

November 17, 2021

The climate media landscape is expanding rapidly, as businesses big and small hunt for decision-useful information on navigating the risks and opportunities posed by the climate crisis. However, just as the quantity of available data and analysis increases, so too does the challenge of separating signal from noise. 

What climate-related information is most relevant to businesses? How should executives interpret the wave of climate policy announcements issued by public and private entities? What major trends underlie the climate actions and aspirations of corporations? Decision-makers need answers if they are to steer their businesses through what promises to be a period of unprecedented change.

That’s why the Manifest Climate platform incorporates a comprehensive Market Intelligence module, to furnish clients with the news, data, and insights they need to stay abreast of important developments in their sectors, keep track of their peers, and understand the changing policy context.

Market Intelligence publishes articles written by our team of climate experts on a weekly basis, across seven Climate Trends categories: Climate Finance, Climate Risk Management, Energy Transition, Policy & Legal Action, Governance, Regulation & Markets, and Technology & Innovation. Clients also receive a curated report summarizing the most important articles for their sector on a monthly basis.

To fulfill businesses’ climate data needs, Market Intelligence also hosts Sector Watch, a rundown of key climate metrics and information on major businesses, organized at the sector level. Clients also have the option of upgrading to Peer Tracker, a bespoke version of Sector Watch which features companies and data points they themselves select.

Beyond the platform, Manifest Climate is committed to expanding its news analysis and thought leadership to the broader business community. To that end, Manifest Climate is excited to announce that it has acquired Climate Risk Review, a leading newsletter on climate-related financial risk management.

Launched in 2020, Climate Risk Review is today read by over 2,700 professionals including executives from major European and North American banks, as well as officials at the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and Bank of England, to name a few. The newsletter is edited by Louie Woodall, previously a senior editor at leading business-to-business media company InfoPro Digital. 

As part of the acquisition, Louie has also been appointed Manifest Climate’s editorial lead and will work with the company’s experienced climate strategists to produce cutting-edge content for the Manifest Climate platform across industries and geographies.

 “I’m delighted to be joining the talented team at Manifest Climate. The company’s commitment to surfacing the best climate-related information for businesses aligns perfectly with the mission of Climate Risk Review, and I’m excited to see how the newsletter will grow and evolve as a result of the acquisition. I’m also over the moon to be working on Manifest Climate’s Market Intelligence offering, which promises to transform how businesses access and understand climate-related information,” says Louie Woodall.

We’re excited to welcome Climate Risk Review and Louie to our growing team and look forward to sharing more news on Manifest Climate’s expanding Market Intelligence offering soon.

You can sign up to Climate Risk Review today for free here.